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A lot of businesses today prefer to work with web-based applications (Web App) for their business tasks instead of the traditional desktop software. All our works are completely bespoke. We can provide you with many additional services to help make your online presence a powerful tool for you and your clients. We can build lead portals, CRM Systems and custom web applications. Let’s have a chat and see what we can custom build for you and your business; some examples of Web App your business include:

  • ­Reservations or inventory management systems.
  • ­Job or workflow management systems.
  • ­All with stunning and modern UI/UX that makes difference.

The team at Loggcity Digital vow to use only best practice when creating you an innovative and creative site. You can be rest assured that the site will have all the necessary features needed, without the security and performance being compromised.

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Our Web App Development Process

Our comprehensive development strategy ensures a perfectly crafted Application for your business.


One of our experienced project managers will meet with you to learn about your business to plan the web app. The most critical aspect is information gathering which uncover purpose, main goals and your target audience. So you talk, we listen!

We will discuss your existing marketing strategies, target market, points of difference, goals, and the anticipated size of the website. Usually the “Strategy” stage ensure will give you the right estimate.

Loggcity Digital Web App, Web Design, mobile app, logo project discovery


Parallel to “the discovery stage” is strategic planning to ensure we provide you a clear documentation to be used throughout all other stages of the project. This process involves Project Planning, Competitive Review, Development Strategy and Costing.

The expected outcome specify deliverable, stakeholders, timeline, expectations and the project scope document for sign-off by client. We establish metrics by which to measure success of project against business objectives.

Loggcity Digital Web App, Web Design, mobile app, logo project discovery-mind-map


With the scope well-defined, our experienced UI/UX designers will do a prototype of the web design concept and how they interrelate. We will continue to adjust the layout until we’re both happy that it represents your business perfectly.

Once the blueprint for your site has been defined through the creation of the sitemap and wire-frames. The next step is to create a visual style (colour concept). The overall style will be determined by your business brand.

Loggcity Digital Web App, Web Design, mobile app, logo -wireframe


We all turn your ideas to reality with the approved design. Our web programmers will write the software code for the web application based on the scope and system defined specifications. We will put all part of the application together  and the make project available for your review along the way.

If required, a testing and/or transition stage can be incorporated to bring your staff up to speed. This completes the project and make it ready for deployment on production server.

web app design seo-discovery

Final Design

The App requires the final polishing of design elements and testing in the production environment. A deeper test of interactivity and features to ensure no broken element. We check for system bug and misspellings before it is made publicly available. It’s time to launch the application using checklist to ensure we both haven’t missed a thing.

Our post-development services includes promoting your App and social media marketing. We help you measure the effectiveness of your application using the right analytics tool.

Loggcity Digital Web App, Web Design, mobile app, logo product launch